Specialized Services Centered Around Knowing Your Numbers

Simplii Inc is the parent company of 3 areas of business.  Accounting provided by SIMPLIIBooks takes care of the foundtional setup of your books, creates the reporting structure for reliable data, and performs monthly bookkeeping so you can rely on your numbers to drive results.  Tax advisory, business structure, and tax filing services covering federal, corporate, state, nexus to name a few are aimed to accurately lower your tax liability through applying sound tax strategies & oversight through SIMPLIITaxConsulting engagements helps leaders solve the critical problems through SIMPLIIConsulting– the premium solutions platform.  Customized solutions to drive profitability in the critical areas in your business are solved through SimpliiConsulting.  Custom offerings are available to support you in every stage of your business journey. Click on the tiles for more about the key area offerings!




The Greatest part of Simplii is the team

Your success is our goal. To support you, we have bookkeepers, CPAs, business development director and marketing strategist on board to assist in your business lifecycle journey. We are here to serve.

Our pricing

We customize Accounting offerings that scales with your business needs.  Tax and Consulting offers custom quote solutions.  All offerings provide affordable solutions to ensure you have the support your need. 

What’s included

Free consultation and business assessment with every service. All bookkeeping services include full access to online accounting software and mobile solutions at no additional cost.  You get monthly reporting delivered to you via mobile device or online portal.

Does Your Books Make A Difference On Your Taxes?

Heck Yay! Don’t let what you don’t know cost you. We prepare your books with tax savings in mind. What are you waiting for?

Let Us Integrate Into Your Business Workflow

Now we are talking savings + automation.
You have a “Win-Win” Strategy waiting for you